How to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band with your own hands: patterns

People try to choose clothes based on their figure. Alas, the chosen item is not always suitable. For example, if you look at skirts, then the pencil shape looks better on slender girls with beautiful shapes. Fashionistas prefer the romantic look created by a half-sun skirt.

The half-sun skirt is comfortable, easy to wear and fits perfectly, no matter your body type. True, it is not always easy to find the right size or color in stores. How to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band with your own hands step by step; patterns without explanations are not always clear, especially for a beginner.

Step-by-step master class

If you look at the finished product, the skirt seems simple. Initially, its style was taken from the “Sun” skirt, having the appearance of a flared product that does not have the usual side seams. The half-sun looks like half of a circle, has a full-fledged seam or smell. Therefore, it is more difficult for sewing than the first model.

When sewing, you can choose the height of the belt, simulate the smell and play with colors. Seamstresses assure that such a skirt is just for beginners, the main thing is to set aside a free day for sewing, purchase the necessary accessories and determine the task.

Your diary on sewing and needlework -

Oryol list This amazing embroidery was born on Oryol land almost two centuries ago. Its decor is distinguished by its unusual, even bizarre outlines, most often reminiscent of the tree of life. The contours of the intricate pattern are outlined with a chain stitch. The ornament often includes images of birds, rhombuses with continuing edges, crosses and other signs, which in ancient times were pagan symbols possessing with magical juice. The contour is filled from the inside using the “set” technique, reminiscent of a counting “smooth stitch”. The filling patterns are surprisingly varied. Each craftswoman invented her own, selected a hand for them, combined new and new options. The very names of the patterned fillings, the so-called blanks, are poetic and expressive: “crow’s eye”, “pine”, “wave”, “fragments” and others. As for the color scheme, then the class chemical for “Orlovsky spus” - a combination of red and sun, with predominance of red. The red color in “Spus” is rich in shades - from rich, juicy, bright to light, almost transparent, shimmering and iridescent. This effect is achieved due to the density of the floor of various logs. The presence of red color gives the patterns an extremely optimistic, life-affirming impression. A slight flatness and inclusions create a special freshness, relief of perception and an unusual gruesome effect. In addition, the combination of red and sun is filled with a deep spiritual meaning: red is the color of life, sun is the color of the sky and water - those principles that support life. uzn. Later, at the beginning of the 20th century, the color scheme became more diverse, yellow, green were introduced, and the color of the sun was replaced by black, the color of the “feeding earth.” Some researchers believe that the word SPIS itself means “to release” patterns from winter windows destroyed by frost. Other researchers see in the patterns a continuation of the traditions of ancient Russian embroidery with gold and silver threads; it is not for nothing that it is also called Russian embroidery. The same rounded, clearly defined forms with different densities of filling the figures and elements of the stalked hand are clearly visible. A distinctive feature of the “Orlov spus” is its diversity. In its variable forms one can see many different symbols, figures, and outlines of animals. For the most part, towels were embroidered using this technique, because in the lives of peasants they performed not only a utilitarian function, but were also indispensable attributes of rituals and holidays, etc. home decoration instructions. The earliest towel dates back to 1796. The embroidery on it is reminiscent of tapestries of the 18th century, and the ornamental elements are flowers in vases. In the photo above is the work of a serf peasant woman from Mtsensk district, it is kept in the Oryol Museum of Local Lore.

Fabric selection

Selected based on experience and season, because some materials are more difficult to process. Summer skirts work well with chiffon or silk, as well as chintz or cotton. In principle, any thin, beautiful fabric will work, even synthetics. For a winter skirt, look for warm fabrics with a lot of wool. Moreover, the product will have to be additionally compacted.

A drape, a beautiful tapestry, as well as leather or leatherette are perfect. True, before choosing an expensive, representative fabric like velvet or luxurious satin, it is better to practice on something simpler. Otherwise, it is easy to spoil the material.

Important: it is easier for beginners to choose a plain and cheap fabric, then there will be no need to combine patterns.

Required tools:

  1. Sharp scissors (preferably special ones for fabric).
  2. A regular ruler and a measuring tape (soft).
  3. Material.
  4. Elastic band (for the belt) of the required width.
  5. Needles.
  6. Pins.
  7. Chalk, maybe a pencil, or a piece of soap will also work.
  8. Threads.

Having figured out the equipment, how to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band with your own hands, step by step for girls, where to start?

Constructing a pattern

This is taught at school during labor lessons. The girls measure each other's waists, then draw intricate patterns that magically turn into clothes. Of course, with age, such lessons are quickly forgotten, especially when you haven’t really understood the essence of the process.

Magazines like “Burda” offer clothing models; in the center of the publication there are tabs with patterns, from which it is easy to choose the size you need. However, the half-sun skirt is a simple product, so there is no need to take complex patterns. Experienced seamstresses cut like this on the fabric, drawing with crayons along a ruler. Beginners will need newspaper or tracing paper, preferably special graph paper.

You don’t plan to make a zipper and want a simple product that can be worn like this, add 15-20 cm to your waist circumference, the material will then stretch. If the product has a lot of folds, then increase the waist circumference by 1.5 or 2 times, the elastic will collect the excess.

A simple formula: R = From/3.14, where From is the waist circumference itself.

Example: the waist circumference after measurement was 60 cm. Then the radius (R) will be 75-80 cm. If the skirt is planned to be full - 110-120 cm. In addition to the waist, you need to measure the hips and estimate the length of the future product.

How to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band, how to form a pattern? Take a sheet of tracing paper or newspaper and spread it on a flat, hard surface. More comfortable on the floor. The size of the pattern will be real, so take the original large sheet, imagining the future product. Fold in half, forming a corner as the center of the pattern. Then, working from the corner, draw as even a half of a circle as possible, where R is the radius. First there will be the top edge, then increasing the radius to the desired length, draw the bottom edge. You will get two arcs.

Laying out the half-length skirt pattern on the fabric

Instead of creating it yourself, beginners can download a ready-made pattern, using pictures to select the desired model from the Internet, or buy a magazine similar to Burda.

Important: the fold lines visible in the diagram are not cut!

What to wear with a half-sun below the knee length

A half-sun skirt, below the knee length, is an excellent universal model with which almost anything is possible.

In summer

Choose the color with which you will create your summer wardrobe. If the skirt has any print, then plain T-shirts, tops, and T-shirts that match the color of the print will go well with it. Complete the look with light shoes.

A plain skirt will allow you to have a colorful top, you can choose lingerie-style T-shirts or lace tops. And if your “half-sun” is made of linen, then try the boho style with laced corsets and short tunics.

In the off-season

In the off-season, wrap yourself in layers. A skirt in soft autumn colors and made of thicker fabric is combined with a light top, and on top a classic blouse or shirt, not buttoned, but tucked into the skirt, a belt of the same tone and comfortable ankle boots or boots will look good. Or wear a cashmere turtleneck and wrap yourself in a bright scarf-stole.

For cooler weather, choose a chunky knit bomber jacket. For the young and daring, this could be a sporty knitted bomber jacket or sweatshirt. For an elegant age - long sleeves and short cardigans.

in winter

For winter, we choose skirts made of warm woolen fabric, for example, wool flannel in calm tones: gray, cognac, burgundy, etc.

Also use layers so that when you come from the cold into a warm room you have the opportunity to take off unnecessary things. For example, we combine light turtlenecks, T-shirts, tops and blouses with warm jackets, pullovers, and jumpers. On top - a coat that will be slightly shorter than the skirt, and cozy accessories in the form of scarves, bacti, hats, etc.

In everyday life

For everyday life, determine for yourself several looks with your skirt, as practice shows that you often need to quickly get dressed and run out of the house.
Therefore, from the first minutes of purchasing a skirt, select for it a win-win, calm option for a top, T-shirt, long sleeve, T-shirt, etc. Be sure to include shoes in both the classic version and flat ones. For the “run out and get into the car” option, choose a short down jacket, bomber jacket or cardigan. The overall look for everyday wear can be in a calm, favorite color scheme. Use total bows.

To work or study

“Half-sun” is an excellent option for a business style. It's simple: a classic top, and these are blouses, shirts, turtlenecks, cardigans, jackets and jackets. Well, and stiletto heels or pumps. For young people going to school, if permissible, you can add sneakers or sneakers to your business top.

Can I wear it to a party?

Our model is always ready to go to a party; it will be comfortable to dance, take a walk, and look decent in a restaurant. It all depends on the top. Depending on the place where you are going, choose the overall style of the outfit. Bright accessories, a shiny top with sequins or a T-shirt, but if the skirt itself is made of bright shiny fabric, then let it be the lead, and the top can be calm. The brightness of the skirt can be supported by jewelry and a handbag that matches the shine of the skirt.

Fabric consumption

It can also be calculated using the formula as: Рт= 2 Di + 2 R + 10 cm

  1. Where Di is the length of the future product.
  2. R is the radius, respectively.
  3. RT is like fabric consumption.

Cut out the pattern, then transfer it onto the laid out fabric, tracing the edges with chalk (pencil). Important: do not trace the edges of the pattern end to end, make 1.5 - 2 centimeter, small indents. These are places for future seams, finishing the edges of the skirt. When finished, cut out the result.

Half-sun skirt: how to calculate fabric consumption, create a pattern and lay out the fabric?

To sew a dress with a half-sun skirt or a separate item of fabric, half as much fabric is required as for the “sun” model. R1 for this style is determined by the formula: OT/3.14. If the waist circumference is 70 cm, then the radius value is 22 cm. Below is an example of determining the amount of fabric for a half-sun skirt of different lengths, taking into account seam allowances (4 cm):

Calculation for a half-sun skirt

  • 40x2+22x2+4=128 cm;
  • 50x2+22x2+4=148 cm;
  • 60x2+22x2+4=168 cm;
  • 70x2+22x2+4=188 cm.

In this way, the consumption of fabric for sewing is determined:

  • long products with 2 seams;
  • large-sized wardrobe items with a wide waist;
  • products made from fabrics with a pattern, when the fabric cannot be laid out in a checkerboard pattern.

In other situations, it is possible to reduce the fabric consumption, since the parameters and material require laying out the pattern in such a way that it will be possible to keep within 1.3–1.5 lengths and radii. It is determined as follows: (60+22)x1.3=107 cm. Taking into account seam allowances, the final value is 111 cm.

To create a pattern you will need a thick sheet of paper, a pencil, scissors and a ruler. It is necessary to transfer all the obtained dimensions onto paper. Place the pattern cut out and folded in the middle on the fabric folded in half and cut it out. It is best to do this on a flat horizontal surface. It is recommended to work with the wrong side of the fabric.

Sewing technology

There is no need to be afraid, making such a half-sun skirt is considered a simple process; schoolgirls often begin their acquaintance with the world of home sewing with it. After all, there is no need for a fastener or zipper, no need to adjust the fabric or process the sleeves.

Important: after cutting the skirt, you need to carefully sweep the side seam. Use the modes of your sewing machine, there it is possible to change the seams. If the model does not have a mode for processing edges, do it yourself, manually. Fold the edges, pressing the seam allowances at the same time.

When figuring out how to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band with your own hands step by step, people find the patterns the most difficult. No, the process here is quite simple, the main thing is to follow the instructions. After finishing the seam, let the skirt hang for 1-2 days. You can hang it on a hanger, securing it with clothespins. So the fabric, cut at an angle of 45 degrees, will stretch itself and change shape.

When planning to sew parts, be sure to try on the product, fixing it on yourself with needles. Take your time, look at yourself through the mirror, estimating the size and shape of your future skirt. The hem may need to be changed and any hanging, excess parts removed.

That's it, now the edges can be machined. However, you can do this manually if the machine does not have the required mode.

The half-sun skirt, where the belt is secured with an elastic band, is sewn in two different versions. For example, taking scraps of fabric, a simple belt is sewn separately, into which an elastic band is inserted. Or, using a “zigzag” on a machine, sew the elastic band directly to the product.

To prevent the finished skirt from shrinking, stretching and retaining its shape, you need to decate the fabric.

The scheme is as follows:

  • wet the cloth;
  • let the water drain without squeezing;
  • steam after drying with an iron.
  • That's it, now you can connect the parts.

How to sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band with your own hands, step by step according to the video, if you want to make not one, but two seams that will be on the sides.

First you need to cut it correctly. Use all the fabric, placing it wrong side down. By the way, the additional skirt at the bottom is also sewn quickly, using a simplified pattern. The main thing is to make it shorter in length and you need a special fabric. Plain, thin. The pattern will highlight the front (separately) and the back. The side seams will then join them together.

First, set aside a notch for the future waist, then draw the first part and cut it out. Then you apply the pattern to another part of the laid out fabric, trace it, and cut it out. All. The locations of both side seams are determined.

We sew a half-sun skirt

We sew a half-sun skirt from thin suiting fabric. The customer's waist circumference is 63 cm. Skirt length - 53 cm.

Let's do a simple calculation of the radius for a half-sun skirt: O.T. / 3.14 = 63 / 3.14 = 20 cm.

Fold the fabric in half along the edge on one side. Fabric width 150 cm.

The skirt will have one seam with a zipper along the hem. Leave a seam allowance of 1-1.5 cm.

From the point of intersection of the fold of the fabric and the chalk line, set a radius of 20 cm.

And draw a smooth waist line.

Next, from the chalk waist line we set aside the length of the skirt - 53 cm. Plus 1.5 cm for the hem. Total - 54.5 cm.

We draw a smooth line.

The bottom line of the skirt needs to be adjusted a little. The length along the seam and along the fold remains 54.5 cm. But in the very middle part it rises by 1 cm, and then gradually disappears towards the seam and towards the fold. If anyone has a question: why ? I answer. Sun and half-sun skirts have the opportunity to sag and the bottom will be uneven and ugly. The fabric sags precisely on the oblique area.

Next, mark the seam allowance along the waist line - 1 cm. And take the scissors in your hands. And we cut it boldly.

All that remains is to cut out the belt. Belt length 63 +7 = 70 cm. Width - 9 cm (finished - 3.5 cm).

You can start sewing. But first, let’s duplicate the adhesive belt.

Thread the overlocker and overcast the side seams of the skirt. And be sure to iron the overcast seams.

Let's start sewing in the zipper. I use as many as three feet to sew in a hidden zipper. Here they are in the photo.

First, with the first regular foot, I sew a zipper along the edge of the braid by 1mm.

Then I take the second paw. Very comfortable foot. She bends the snake herself and sews it very smoothly.

Well, with the third paw I crawl up and straight from the bottom of the zipper I make a side seam to the bottom of the skirt.

Now iron the side seam and zipper.

Now you can overlock the bottom of the skirt and one side of the waistband.

Now we will connect the belt with the skirt. To do this, on the skirt we will find the place for the second side seam, the middle of the front and back. On the part of the belt on the right we retreat 1 cm - seam allowance. We set aside the waist circumference - 63 cm. Divide the distance 63 cm in half - this is the second side seam. And we divide the resulting two segments in half - these are the middle of the front of the back.

Now we combine the control marks on the skirt and on the belt. We pin it with pins. And combining the sections of the skirt and belt, we connect the fabric between the pins. When connecting a belt and a skirt, the main thing is that the skirt part fits slightly relative to the belt part, and not vice versa. We sew a stitch on the machine 1 cm from the cut.

Now you need to iron the seam of the belt. The allowances are directed towards the waistband.

Mark the bend line of the belt on the belt. Set aside 3.5 cm from the seam.

We process the allowance for the fastener.

We bend the belt along the intended line. We pin or sweep. Insert hanger loops.

We lay the edge along the front side strictly in the fold. So that she would not be visible.

Now let's start processing the bottom of the skirt.

For convenience, I have these blanks of different widths.

Our hem will be 1.5 cm. Take the template and mark 1.5 cm along the bottom of the skirt.

Then we sweep and iron...

Next we add the finishing stitch.

All that remains is to make a loop and sew on a button.

I have an automatic loop. The machine does everything itself. All that remains is to cut through.

Sew on the button.

Well, that’s it, the half-sun skirt is ready.

How to sew a skirt

When sewing, forget about rushing. First, connect both finished halves of the skirt. For beginners, you can sew them by hand, then go over the “rough” seams with a machine. The product will turn out smoother, the fabric will not move.

Now it’s the rubber band’s turn. You can cut the belt and insert an elastic band there. Iron the finished product thoroughly, then combine it with the skirt. However, it is easier to sew on the elastic without a belt. The main thing is to use a zig-zag seam using a super-stretch needle on the machine. If necessary, you can adjust the length during fitting.

How to properly sew a half-sun skirt with an elastic band so that the product looks beautiful and the length is clear? After trying on the skirt, slowly turn around, trying to get a better look at it. How the folds flow, is there any excess. It happens that the length needs to be cut when during the sewing process you want a shorter skirt. After carefully removing the skirt, work the entire bottom edge. All is ready.

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