French curtains: types, materials, examples in various colors, styles, design, awning decor

Types of curtains

There are main types of French curtains.


The most common type. The canvases rise to the top, forming waves and lush voluminous folds.


They close the window constantly, are in a static position, do not move to the side and do not rise up.

Mechanism and principle of operation

French curtains are easy-to-use fabrics that are decorated with airy, flowing folds. At the bottom of the canvases, cords are threaded through rows of loops, which are pulled together to form scallops. The peculiarity of these products is that the folds are preserved along the entire length in any position - raised or lowered. Curtains can be lifting or in a static position. In the second case, it will be impossible to move them to the side or lift them. Static awnings are sewn from light translucent fabrics, for example, chiffon, organza, and can be used as tulle.

The photo shows exquisite French curtains made of light translucent organza.

More common are lifting curtains that have a lifting rotor-chain mechanism: it is this that allows you to regulate the level of light entering the room. The canvases are simply lifted to the top of the window and secured with a special fixing element. If you lift the curtain up, more folds will form, and the curtains will look more voluminous in the form of beautiful clusters. The length of the canvas can be different - up to the floor or only to the height of the window opening.

The assembly technology is a cascade reminiscent of flowing water. Accordingly, the folds look picturesque, bright, beautiful, giving the room an aristocratic and romantic spirit. But it is worth remembering that this option is not the most convenient for opening windows, because it is unlikely that you will be able to raise the curtains completely.

Curtain sizes

French curtains are divided into two types of sizes.


A classic and quite popular design option. They will be an excellent solution for a spacious room. Beautifully draped fabrics add special softness and sophistication to the space.

The photo shows a living room and long French curtains on the windows.


They choose based on the design features of the room, for example, when there is a sofa near the window, the window sill turns into a tabletop, or the room itself is simply too small. It is in these cases that elegant and comfortable short models are used.


Awnings are made from well-draped materials in order to fully reveal their aesthetic capabilities.


Linen curtains look great, are pleasant to the touch, easily withstand numerous washes and do not lose their original presentable appearance for a long time.


A material with a unique depth of color. It is covered with dense pile, which has an elegant play of chiaroscuro.


It will add tenderness and airiness to any room and will become a magnificent window decoration. The veil looks great either on its own or in combination with thicker or lighter fabrics.


Shiny durable and soft. It has the ability to be painted in various shades. Silk awnings shimmer very beautifully in the light.


Products made from organza will make the interior light and sophisticated, highlight any style and charm with its elegance.

Satin fabric

Very dense, beautifully draping fabric with a flawlessly smooth surface. Satin awnings give a radiant shine that occurs due to the reflection of light.

Photos in the interior of the rooms

This type of curtain will be the secret of real attractiveness.

French curtains in the kitchen

Both short curtains up to the window sill and long options will look appropriate here. Awnings, with their lush and luxurious folds, will perfectly complement any kitchen interior and add charm, wealth and pomp to it.

The photo shows short French curtains in the kitchen interior.


Awnings will become an original, characteristic decoration and set the tone for the entire room. However, from a practicality point of view, French curtains are not the best option for decorating a children's room, since due to the large number of folds they collect a lot of dust.

Living room or hall

They bring a touch of romance and sophistication to this room. Today, French curtains decorate both elaborate and simple living room interiors.


Such curtains will add chic, prestige and solidity to the bedroom. With their lyrical and delicate design, they create a special atmosphere and emphasize good taste.

The photo shows the interior of the bedroom and the window opening with French curtains.


French curtains will be an excellent decor for large balconies and loggias. They will fill the space with warmth and comfort, and turn the room into a romantic nest for a pleasant pastime.


It is better to use curtains without accessories, made of transparent fabrics in calm, classic colors.

On the stairs

Awnings are perfect for decorating a tall window, and it doesn’t matter what material they are made of. Both curtains made of heavy satin and airy veil will look great. Such products will give the window opening even more chic and shine.

Disadvantages and advantages of French curtains in the kitchen interior

Luxurious curtains made of weightless fabric with lush scallops are a French invention. Such curtains once decorated the interiors of aristocrats' boudoirs and banquet halls of palaces. The second name for this type of curtain design is “awning”.

Gradually, richly decorated textiles began to be used in the design of theater stages. Nowadays, several centuries later, French curtains are still associated with luxury and wealth, but they can even be used to decorate the windows of ordinary city apartments.

A little decorative luxury in your kitchen.

There are several reasons to use French style curtains in the kitchen.

Curtains of this type can be selected to fit any window opening.

Spectacular festoons look very respectable, expensive and not as strict as Roman blinds. In addition, they practically do not block access to the windowsill or window, and allow enough sunlight into the room.

Despite the completely closed window, light easily enters the room.

French curtains can be perfectly combined with lambrequins, drapes and other types of window textiles.

Combination of French curtains with lambrequin.

Even on a narrow and small window, such curtains will look appropriate, since the splendor of the folds, their number and height can be adjusted at your own discretion.

The curtain will look unobtrusive if there are few folds.

French curtains are perfect for kitchen windows located on the ground floor, as they reliably protect the room from prying eyes.

Using thicker fabric you can hide the kitchen from prying eyes.

Luxurious textiles will perfectly complement a rich classic interior, and will also add a special charm to even the simplest and most modest kitchen.

The French curtain is an interior element that attracts attention.

The only drawback of French curtains is that you will have to use a lot of fabric to sew them in order to create a lush and spectacular drapery. In addition, washing and ironing such curtains will also require some effort.

Caring for French curtains is not easy, but it is worth it.

Advice! To make it easier to care for French curtains, it is recommended to use material with the addition of synthetic fibers rather than natural fabric when sewing them. This fabric will not need to be ironed after washing, as it will not wrinkle.

Examples of design in various styles

Awnings with their exclusivity will add a picturesque image to the interior of a certain style.


French curtains are the embodiment of classics. Graceful flowing accordion draperies will fit perfectly into the interior in this style and add celebration, style, sophistication, elegance and splendor to it.

The photo shows a classic-style bathroom with French curtains on the window.


The elegant design of French curtains goes perfectly with the simple and laconic interior of Provence.

The photo shows white awning curtains in a Provence style living room.


Awnings will especially emphasize the freedom of style, create real comfort and add soft diffused lighting to the entire room.

The photo shows a modern-style dining room and a window opening with French curtains.


To decorate this solemn and pompous style, long French curtains are suitable. They are especially in harmony and are associated with the luxury and elegance of palaces.

Caring for French curtains

Awnings are a special thing not only in design, but also in the way they are maintained. Since their peculiarity is the abundance of folds, the usual methods of care will not work:

  1. The easiest and fastest way to remove dust and dry dirt from curtains is with a vacuum cleaner. It is enough to go through the folds with a special nozzle (or a furniture nozzle).
  2. Wash in a washing machine on a delicate cycle and without spinning. Even better is washing in special bags. This will avoid deformation of the product.
  3. You will have to give up ironing in favor of a steamer.

Living room in Provence style Source

Color palette

French curtains have a fairly rich range of colors.


It is a symbol of purity, harmony, peace and inner peace. A window decorated with white curtains will create a feeling of airiness and softness and give the room a special lightness, weightlessness and tenderness.


A bright and emotional color associated with energy and strength. French red curtains will simply be impossible not to notice in the interior. They will attract attention and become a great accent in the room.


Curtains of this color are suitable for decorating any room. The light passing through the beige curtains warms up, making the room cozier and more pleasant.

The photo shows beige curtains in the kitchen interior.


A gentle shade of dawn, freshness, charm, romance and love. Pink awnings will be a rather original solution and will add charisma to the interior.


Sensual, mysterious and deep color. The presence of purple decor on the windows in the room stimulates inspiration and creative thinking.

The photo shows purple French curtains in the kitchen interior.


Creates a fresh atmosphere in the room. A wide selection of shades makes it possible to choose a product for any style and type of room.

Taking measurements for sewing curtains

If you have decided on the look, now you have to measure the window and cornice to know how many meters of fabric are needed.

Do not forget that a sufficient amount of fabric is spent on drapery (coefficient 1.8 for the width of the fabric), take this into account.

Measure the cornice initially and add another 5 centimeters to this calculation for the seams. Use the remaining material for assembly.

Multiply the resulting length of the curtain by two and to this amount add another 3 centimeters at the top and 5 at the bottom for the seams. Thus, we have a complete calculation of the required fabric for the future creation of French curtains.

Awning curtain design

A well-chosen design will make the window in each room original and interesting.

Flowers and vegetation

They will give you comfort and joy. Colorful floral awnings will set the interior a special mood, make the atmosphere more playful and fill the room with energy.


Such an ornament on curtains will easily satisfy even the most refined taste. After all, with its help you can turn an ordinary room into a real royal apartment.

Combination with other types of curtains

Awnings can also be perfectly combined with other types of curtains.


This combination will create a harmonious and stylish image in the room. To accompany the exquisite French curtains, both smooth and light curtains with a classic design and more laconic options, sewn from denser fabric, such as blackout, are suitable.

The photo shows the living room and awning curtains in combination with drapes.

Roller blinds

They fit perfectly together. Roller blinds give the window design a modern touch, while awnings add pomp and significance.

Choosing fabric

The hardest part is choosing fabric from such a wide variety. The main thing in French curtains is that the weave matches the drapery. It can be a dense fabric, airy, light, and here it is already selected to match the style of the room.

Each fabric has its own properties, they must be taken into account when sewing French curtains:

  • With high density fabric, cascading waves can be made;
  • Lush folds are made using light fabric;
  • If French curtains are intended for the kitchen, then a light translucent fabric would be appropriate;
  • Fabrics with patterns for this type of curtains must be selected carefully, do not forget that folds will be made where the pattern may get lost;
  • Fabric with bright colors will create a special atmosphere; if the curtains are plain, then diluted with a light pattern that is not flashy.

Many people prefer the classics. As a rule, the fabric chosen for French curtains is satin, silk or tulle. A standard choice you can't go wrong with.

Decorating curtains

A well-decorated window opening will add a bright accent to any interior.


Soft, beautifully draped fabrics are especially suitable for each other, thereby creating an original window image.


With their help, you can achieve visual highlighting of the curtain structure and give it an even more beautiful and elegant look.


It looks playful and light and gives the beautiful awnings a special charm.

Bugle beads

Reminds me of precious stones. Using glass beads you can create a truly sophisticated look for curtains.

Curtain design

Classic curtains are also called scalloped curtains. They are fabrics that have large airy folds on their surface. They form such bulges along their entire length and must be uniform over their entire surface.

To make such waves, a special ribbon is sewn on the reverse side with a certain size and indentation. It shapes and creates such characteristic features of French curtains. Also, rings are sewn into the curtains, namely into these very ribbons, through which the braid is passed. They provide the ability to raise curtains. Weights are hung on them, acting as weights that provide this function.

For French curtains, you need to choose a special curtain rod that can be lifted. Ideally, there is a lifting mechanism that provides the function of controlling the vertical position of the curtain in the window opening.

If the curtain is not planned to be opened, you can sew curtains that can be hung on a curtain rod that cannot be lifted. For this, curtain rods made of metal profiles or round shapes are suitable.

Now it is possible to purchase curtain rods with an electric drive, thereby controlling the height of the curtains using one button.

Examples of non-standard windows

When decorating such window openings, you should not adhere to certain standards and do not be afraid to add something individual to their decor.

Bay window

They will highlight the design and help highlight it. To decorate bay windows, you should choose French curtains in light shades, made of light fabrics.

The photo shows bay windows decorated with French curtains.

Window with balcony door

Elegant awnings, thanks to their drapery, easily emphasize the aesthetics of a window with a balcony door.


For an arched window, both short and long versions of curtains placed on the eaves in a semicircle are suitable. Such decor will attract attention and help to correctly highlight the unusually shaped window opening.

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