Fashionable fur vests 2018-2019, photo of the autumn-winter collection

What fur and what processing are relevant next season?

Multi-texture, natural tones and lightness are the main rules that guided world designers in the upcoming winter 2021-2022 season. Bright tones are being replaced by wine and pastels, emphasizing naturalness and spirituality.

In the new year, natural scribe and mink are trending. In addition, most fashion houses actively used sable fur in their models.

It is worth noting that this season fur coats made using the patchwork technique are at the peak of popularity. Such products are most often combined with uncut fur, which replaces fur with trimmed pile. This processing creates an amazing multi-texture.

Unnatural colors have lost their relevance. In the new season, fashionistas will give their choice to furs in natural tones. It is also worth noting the return of the trend for perfectly white fur products with long pile. Such models were present at almost every fashion house show.

Fashion houses practically did not resort to fur dyeing this season. The only exceptions were models in wine and emerald shades. However, they look very neat and stylish, so conservative girls will definitely appreciate the new trends.

About fashionable short fur coats, short fur coats 2021 2022

Fashion houses Coach 1941 and Zuhair Murad amazed everyone with the return to the dominant position of animalistic trends. Multi-textured striped products have become a new word.

Fashionistas in the new season should definitely pay close attention to short fur coats made in the form of a combination of fur stripes. Such models have become a real breakthrough in fashion trends. In this case, the stripes can either be artificially applied to the fur or made in the form of inserts.

This boho style is suitable for modern, confident girls who are not afraid to combine bright colors. It is worth noting another important point - products with uncut fur should look as voluminous as possible.

For lovers of the classics, a pleasant surprise will be the return of animalistic trends to the peak of popularity. Short fur coats and sheepskin coats, painted in tiger or leopard prints. They look very elegant and feminine.

However, when choosing such models, preference should be given exclusively to sheared fur, and the product itself should have a classic straight shape or widen towards the bottom and have a thin belt.

You need to pay attention to the print of the product - it should not be too flashy. The ideal option is products that, at first glance, give the impression of iridescent, velvety fur, with a golden, warm glow.


Fur vests made from red and black-brown fox, as well as from mink, arctic fox and raccoon, have become a part of Russian fur fashion since 2009. Since then, our company has successfully presented a large assortment of high-quality vests on the pages of the online salon of fur products At the moment, there are a sea of ​​​​various manufacturers of fur products on the Russian market, offering, among other things, fox vests. Manufacturers are very different. Big and not so big, Russian and foreign, reliable and dubious. They all offer their products at different prices; they sew vests from various raw materials and according to different patterns and samples. It is really difficult to understand this motley diversity, sometimes even for a trained person. How to choose? Where is the best place to buy fur products? How to make a really successful purchase without it being “excruciatingly painful” later? Yes, there are many questions, complex questions that require detailed and detailed answers. Let's try to break down the process of choosing and purchasing a fur vest step by step, simultaneously paying attention to possible pitfalls and important points that need to be taken into account in this difficult matter.

  1. It is advisable to understand as clearly as possible what kind of vest you need, what fur it should be made of and how it should be sewn, what color and style it should be. To do this, you need to look through a fairly large number of products, from different manufacturers and from different price segments. A good vest made of good fur is not cheap, but this does not mean that an expensive vest is necessarily good. Therefore, if you want to buy a quality item, but are limited on budget, we recommend that you pay attention to combined models. A vest with inserts made of genuine leather, with the correct selection of material and high quality tailoring, looks no less stylish and impressive than all-fur models. You can also look at the so-called “dissolved” models, but remember that the finer the skin is dissolved, the less durable it is, and also partially loses its heat-saving capabilities.
  2. Once you have decided on the model, you need to carefully inspect the product for the quality of tailoring and dressing of the skins. Look carefully at the color of the fur if you are told that it is NOT a dyed or tinted product. In this case, the color should be completely natural. In the red steppe fox it is a reddish-brown color with graying, and towards the bottom of the skin it becomes darker. The red fox's moths are bright fiery red, with a dark, longitudinal ridge in the area of ​​the shoulder blades. A black and brown fox should have a beautiful silver color on the sides, and a dark (almost black) longitudinal ridge in the middle. Look carefully at the color of the down, it should not differ from the guard hair and have an unnatural, chemical tint. This is an extremely important point because many unscrupulous manufacturers repaint a red fox into a black-brown one (the latter is about 2 times more expensive) or a raccoon into a red fox. Remember that similar vests made of red fox and black fox should differ in price by about 1.5 - 2 times. After you are convinced that the product is not painted, feel all the seams and joints, the seam should be even and the joint should be beautifully matched in color and pattern.
  3. Choose the right vest size; it should not fit too loosely or too tightly. Approximately so that, wearing a thick sweater underneath, you can breathe deeply. The length of the product is also important. If you travel a lot by car, then it is better to choose no longer than 55-60cm. Otherwise, the fur will rub against the seat. Remember, any fox climbs at least a little, it’s just that this process must have a reasonable limit. With proper storage and care, the fur will last a long time and will bring you a lot of positive emotions.
  4. Be sure to check with the seller about the terms of warranty service. Availability of certificates and declarations of conformity. It is better not to buy the product secondhand. Talk to the seller, ask him questions and try to understand how competent he is in this topic.
  5. Take your time when choosing a fur vest. This is an expensive thing, the purchase of which should be approached thoroughly.

Fashionable fur hats and stylish cozy fur vests are classics that will never go out of style.

Fur products have always been an element of luxury and wealth. Only people with a certain financial wealth and position in society could afford to purchase a hat or vest made from the natural fur of valuable fur-bearing animals - mink, arctic fox, rabbit, fox or chinchilla. Today the situation has changed somewhat. The increasing standard of living and the wide variety of fur products presented on the modern market make the purchase of a coveted mink coat, a fox vest or an arctic fox hat accessible to a wider range of buyers. The online store “All-Russian Fur Exchange” invites all lovers of clothing, hats and accessories made from natural fur to purchase one or more fur products that will fully satisfy your requirements and wishes, both in quality and appearance, and their cost will not be burdensome for your budget.

Fur vests are a warm, comfortable, cozy, practical, stylish and very elegant item of women's wardrobe

We bring to your attention women's fur vests - one of the most fashionable trends of the current autumn-winter season. Fur vests, which you can buy in our online store, are made from various types of fur, which, accordingly, is reflected in the cost of the finished products. The most budget option is a fur vest made of knitted mink, and the most expensive is made of sable. We sell fur vests made from arctic fox, mink, rabbit, fox, raccoon, etc., the quality of which meets the highest European standards, and the style and color meet the latest fashion trends. Fur vests online store "All-Russian Fur Exchange" offers its customers a wide range of models, various styles, different colors, designs, sizes and lengths. Thanks to this, it will be easy for you to choose the model of fur vest that will most harmoniously combine with your image and meet your ideas about style, fashion, and beauty. Warm, comfortable and cozy fur vests, which the VMB online store offers to its customers at the most attractive prices, are quite a practical and versatile item of women's wardrobe, so they can be combined with any outfits in any stylistic direction. Luxurious fur from fur-bearing animals will add an element of glamor and elegance to the created image, regardless of whether the fur vest complements clothing in a sporty or classic style.

Women's fur hats are a practical headdress, a status accessory and an elegant decoration

Severe Russian frosts have elevated winter fur hats to the category of must-haves. This incredibly beautiful, stylish and elegant headdress allows the fair sex not only to look perfect, but also provides reliable protection from the weather, including the most severe frosts and piercing winds. You can buy a fur hat made from natural rabbit, mink, arctic fox, fox or raccoon from the All-Russian Fur Exchange online store, which offers the widest selection of this headdress, indispensable for the Russian climate. The online store of fur hats VMB tries to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers, therefore it is constantly working to expand and update the assortment, supplementing it with the most current models of fur hats. Buying women's fur hats in the BMT online store means making a profitable purchase that will help you look stunning and at the same time not be afraid of the winter cold.

Why is it profitable to buy fur vests and fur hats in the online store “All-Russian Fur Exchange”

• Firstly, the VMB online store presents fur vests and fur hats in a wide variety of models, which differ not only in the type of fur used, but also in style, design, color, ornament, and manufacturing technique. • Secondly, our online store of fur hats and other fur products sells products guaranteed to be made from 100% natural fur of valuable fur-bearing animals, which is confirmed by relevant certificates and other documentation. • Thirdly, thanks to established direct deliveries from leading manufacturers of fur products, only from us you can buy a women's fur hat, fur vest, as well as other fur products at the best prices available to a wide range of buyers. • Fourthly, our store of women's fur hats sells fur products with delivery throughout Moscow and the Moscow region using a courier service and to other cities of Russia through reliable transport companies. • Fifthly, the VMB online store offers fur hats to buy using a payment system convenient for customers. • Sixthly, before you buy women’s fur vests and hats, the VMB online store offers a preliminary fitting service, including using the services of the showroom. Please note that you can buy fashionable fur hats in our online market at even better prices on sales days. You can find out about ongoing promotions and sales in the corresponding section of our website - fur hats catalog “Sale”. If you are interested in fur vests and fur hats in Moscow of really decent quality at reasonable prices, then the online store will be a real find for you.

About fashionable medium-length fur coats 2021

Transverse mink in natural brown and burgundy shades, as well as straight-cut models, are a new word in world trends. Sheepskin models took the leading positions.

In mid-length models, sheepskin and mink took the leading positions, replacing fox and wolf fur. In this segment, world designers have gone on a spree: a huge selection of models and textures, cuts and types of fur processing.

Classic medium-length fur coats with alternating short and long fur, as well as burgundy fur coats with various sequins and embroidery in the avant-garde style were noted at fashion shows from Dennis Basso and Valentino.

At the same time, the variety of silhouette solutions in the new season is simply amazing. It is worth noting that when choosing a medium-length fur coat, fashionistas will not find it difficult to combine them with their wardrobe. They look great with trousers, jeans, and even long dresses. When choosing medium-length models, you should not give preference to straight black fur coats with trimmed fur - such models have lost their relevance.

A separate trend has become voluminous white sheepskin coats. Such models in combination with dresses look classic and very stylish. This season, fashion designers did not resort to sheared sheepskin, but rather used furs that were as voluminous as possible.

If you are tempted to purchase a model with sheared fur, the ideal option would be to pay attention to models made from dyed broadtail fur. Such models look very stylish and perfectly emphasize the individuality of a confident girl.

The marbled shimmer and incredible colors such as emerald and lilac featured at the Sies Marjan show are more an exception than a pattern. It is still better to give preference to natural shades, but in the case of this type of fur color, it should have a cool shade and a fitted cut.

Extravagant vests

Want something extraordinary? Pay attention to the trend that Vetements is bringing to the masses in the fall-winter 2018-2019 collection. Long fur vests turned inside out, secured at the waist with a bright belt, will make you a real star.

Short, fitted models can hardly be called practical, and the thermal effect from them is minimal, but how great they look! Wherever you go wearing this stylish piece, you will always attract attention.

About fashionable long fur coats 2022

Peach and sand shades have replaced mint and silver. In addition, designers Rochas and Zuhair Murad have revived the fashion trend for fur coats in azure shades.

Long fur coats are a win-win option. Whatever model you choose, you must take into account that it should under no circumstances cover your ankles. The choice among elongated fur coats is quite large. Black and white models made using the technique of an extraordinary print or pattern will look great.

You should pay attention to all the fur coats in sand and peach shades. This shade is an absolute trend for the new season. At the same time, the product can be fitted and straight, however, when choosing a fitted, elongated fur coat, it is better to give preference to sheared fur, but straight models should be chosen only if they have voluminous, uncut fur.

Another trend of the season was pastel azure-colored fur coats made from cropped fur. These models look great with trousers and jeans. In combination with such unusual fur, designers always used large black buttons or black leather belts, thereby giving the silhouette a note of elegance and restraint.

Another new trend worth noting is striped fur coats with alternating violet and orange mink stripes. Such models were spotted at three fashion houses at once. Mary Katrantzou diluted their collection with a magnificent lavender fur coat with a whimsical black mesh print. When choosing such bright and controversial models, select them according to the principle of matching the boho style, they will really be a win-win.

About fashionable fur vests 2021 2022

Sheepskin vests with a folding collar, like a leather jacket, as well as voluminous vests made of transverse mink are the trend for spring and autumn 2021 2022.

Fur vests do not lose their great relevance. Many fashion designers presented bright and stylish models in a hippie chic look at their shows. Some vests had a leather folding collar, giving the models a special touch. Models with transverse alternation of sheared and uncut mink fur in gray and white shades remain trendy. Models of short vests made of sheepskin fur have become a new trend.

The Elizabeth fashion house presented amazing vests in its extraordinary collection. It’s impossible not to pay attention to the vest in a soft peach shade, which immediately became a new trend. But designer Rachel Zoe pleasantly surprised her customers with an interesting combination of astrakhan fur and sheepskin in one model.

The dominant position on the world stage is still occupied by vests without a hood. Voluminous, straight-cut models with long fur will suit almost any look. When choosing a vest, you don’t have to limit yourself to color this season. The variety of color shades will allow every fashionista to choose the ideal model for herself. However, in the spring and autumn of 2021 2022, vests made of fox or wolf fur will no longer be relevant.

In this case, it is better to give preference to models made of mink, astrakhan fur or sheepskin. It is worth noting one more point - models made of solid, uncut fur, without transverse stripes, are best worn with a wide black belt. And models with cropped or short fur, which also do not have horizontal or vertical stripes, are best framed in a thin black leather belt.

In the new season of autumn and winter 2021-2022, every fashionista should definitely choose a stylish and fashionable fur product for herself. Thanks to the huge variety of models, choosing the ideal option will be very simple.

And the variety of combinations of shades and textures will allow you to create amazing images, ranging from classic to avant-garde silhouettes.

Which fur vest to choose in 2021?

When answering the question of how to choose the right fur vest, you should keep in mind that the cost of a fur vest depends on many factors, including the length of the product, the popularity of the brand and the fur salon, the quality of the fur and the size of the skins from which the vest was cut.

Below are the criteria that should be followed when choosing a product made from natural pile:

  • When choosing the length of a fur vest, you should take into account the characteristics of your figure. For example, short vests with long fur will not suit short ladies with a full build. On the contrary, they should opt for medium-length models with cropped fur.
  • It is highly not recommended to choose clothes to match the vest of the same tone and color.
  • Even tight fur vests increase volume; for this reason, it is highly not recommended to wear wide trousers or skirts under them. When choosing clothes to go with a fur vest, keep this nuance in mind.

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